Siberian Tiger

Recap of 2014 Trials of the Jungle

It has been a REALLY long time since I have written. For that my friends I apologize. This year has been a rough year. Starting in January, at a big cat continuing education seminar, we had the main facility truck stolen. While it was recovered a week later, it spent three weeks in th
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Winter Brings in Bleak Events

       November brought in the normal fall weather. Plans were in the making for the expansion of exhibits, building Spikes new enclosure and so much more. Little did we know what life had planned for us in the upcoming weeks.  The holidays came and went, and with them came the arriva
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Building a new Enclosure for Spike!

  We are currently in the lead to win 1,300.00 in the Suntrust Bank Contest! We need all Mystic Jungle fans to jump in and vote once every 24 hours to maintain that lead! Please vote once every 24 hours. It is only through your help that we can do this!!  Spike is our resident Siberia
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