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  We are currently in the lead to win 1,300.00 in the Suntrust Bank Contest! We need all Mystic Jungle fans to jump in and vote once every 24 hours to maintain that lead! Please vote once every 24 hours. It is only through your help that we can do this!! 

Spike is our resident Siberian that now weighs over 700#. He came to us as a rehome after retiring from being a photo cub ambassador. He is friendly, out going and wants to play play play! We need to make an area for him that he can RUN RUN RUN and JUMP JUMP JUMP!! With this improvement, this will also help a LOT of the other residents as they will all be shifted into bigger habitats!! Please help us help them! 

It just takes a moment of your time. You have to like the page first, then vote away once every 24 hours. The competitor has been hot on our heels ever since they have entered!!! We MUST maintain that lead in order to win. If we let up we could be over taken in less than three days.

Spike professional photo



Vera is a sixth generation Native Floridian and born in the small community of Arcadia Florida. She has been a Barrel racer,making it to the NBHA national finals for 3 years in a row. She was the President in the Potowattomie County Humane Society, Shawnee Oklahoma 1983. She is a Veterinary Technician and in the veterinary medical field for over thirty nine years, starting by volunteering in Ft. Lauderdale at Three Oaks Animal Hospital for OJT at the tender age of 13 years. She has had a Life time of working and living with all species of animals, domestic and exotic. She holds an Associates in Animal Science. Vera also is an active member of the FCF (Feline Conservation Federation - ) and accredited by the FCF as a Wildlife Educator, as well as licensed by the state of Florida as a wildlife rehabilitator

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