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“Let Them Be Free” – Educating the uneducated

    If I have seen it once, I have seen it at least THOUSANDS of times. Someone sees a picture of a big cat in captivity, and they begin the chant of “They belong in the wild”, or “Let them be free”.   I have tried to be nice, but now the gloves are off. I am b
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Extinction Is Forever

    I have found that as I aged, I seem to be more aware of the world it what is going on in it, than I did as a younger person. I started paying attention to things that effected the world as a whole, instead of what effected just me.  For instance, the same week that Hostess announc
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Let’s Talk Palm Oil!!

     Going to the FCF convention surely educated me beyond my wildest dreams. The meeting of Jim Sanderson PhD in fact opened up a whole new world that I was totally unaware of. This knowledge set me on the track of where all of this mass destruction originated. Well, imho America! Yo
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