Born Free

The Power of Knowledge

    We live in an era where information is at our fingertips. It is up to US, the intelligent persons that we are to research everything we see or hear. Today I will touch base on not only sanctuaries and private zoos  in the US but on conservation. Both can co -exist in perfect harmo
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HSUS and USDA – New World Order?

   If you are really involved in the animal industry, you know what both the HSUS and USDA initials stand for. The HSUS is Humane Society of the United States, and USDA is United States Department of Agriculture. I am about to present to you documented facts. That of which is up to yo
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Back Door Banning

    As some of us welcome in the new year, our fellow Americans in Ohio that own exotics face a grim reality. One that no animal lover ANYWHERE wants to even imagine facing.  For those that have followed my articles, Ohio just went over the top with their regulations against the owner
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Facing The Facts

    Almost every month you will pick up a paper, or read an article on line about a animal handler or caregiver being hurt while tending to the animal(s) in their care. But the media can and is our worst enemy at times. They will sensationalize any incident to the point where it can a
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