Terry Thompson

Back Door Banning

    As some of us welcome in the new year, our fellow Americans in Ohio that own exotics face a grim reality. One that no animal lover ANYWHERE wants to even imagine facing.  For those that have followed my articles, Ohio just went over the top with their regulations against the owner
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The Day The Animals Cried

    I have written on this before, but this atrocity is one that merits attention once again. The Ohio Exotic Ban law is about to go into full effect as of January 1 2014. For the un-informed, one thinks this is a simple case of the closure of “road side zoo’s” and i
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The Demise of The Ohio Animals

    We all watched in horror, as it unfolded on October 18th, 2011, as exotic animals were shown on the news roaming around. We, as exotic owners knew the horror way before it actually happened, of what WOULD happen to these loose animals, even without the events fully played out.  Te
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The After Effects Of Banning Exotics

     I feel no one has really thought through what will happen if an all out ban on exotics were to pass. I mean, really, seriously think about it.  I know people LOVE to think they are “helping” by signing that petition, or letter to your state legislator. After all, you
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Big Cat Ban Laws- The Truth

     It is a given fact that the majority of people spend a lot of time on the internet. It is a sign of the times and at times a wonderful innovative way to research things such as political issues, the latest news, research for an assignment, or even shop. The problem is though that
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Happy Holidays from Mystic Jungle!

It has been a devastating year here at the jungle. Throughout the year, I lost my job, my father had a stroke in April, then mom in July, Dad died in August and mom just died this month. Leaving behind them a path of grief and devastation. Fury which was raised by myself, my father an
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