Where The Wild Things WERE?

Sounds like a title for some kids movie huh? But this is not at all humorous. The newest Big Cat Safety Act HR 1998 could very well end big cats in captivity. Well not all captivity and not all big cat species. Only AZA zoo’s could breed them and only sanctuaries can have them. 
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Blowing The White Tiger Myth Out Of The Water

How many times have we all heard the rhetoric of “White Tigers are a product of man, produced only by inbreeding” from well meaning nay sayers to big cats in captivity? For me, if I heard it once I have heard or read it a thousand times. It is even found in the Wikipedia o
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Big Cat Safety Act – A Closing Act for Cats

    I could sit here and preach all day as to why this bill they are trying to introduce back into senate is a BAD BILL. Instead I will break it down with you and give you solid, logical and sound evidence and reason as to why this should be killed before it kills the big cats!  The f
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A Burning Leopard

    I have been involved with all species of animals at one point in my life or another. I am pretty much used to seeing the atrocities of mankind inflicted upon those that cannot speak for themselves. I really thought up until two years ago, that I had heard and seen it all. That was
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Genetics and the ever shrinking gene pool

    Social media has became the main way for a lot of people to gain information. Be it right, wrong or indifferent. You will also get those “arm chair quarterbacks” that have never taken a course in big cat husbandry, genetics or handling, nor have they spent any time in
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