As many know here at the Jungle, even though we offer help, consultation, and homes to all native and exotic wildlife, our main focus is on the Asian Leopard.  A decade ago, in India, the population of the Asian Leopard was over 8,000. Today there are less than 1,200 left on preserves
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This is why we do what we do

This is why we do what we do. MJEF is committed to the conservation and preservation of the Asian Leopard. I predicted last year that by 2016 the Leopard in India would be extinct… I fear it will be sooner now.  Please educate yourself on what big cat bans will do.  1. Bans do N
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The Daily Grind

This is my first attempt at the ever popular blogging. I have read many a blog and always marveled at how people could just put their words out there for all to read and had the courage to stand behind them. I too, hope to be able to do that. I have a very good friend that I met throu
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