small wild cat

Bobcat Rescue, Relocation and Release

    Here at the jungle we not only concentrate on conservation across the globe but in our backyard.  We are licensed by the state of Florida to rehabilitate and release native wildlife, as well as one of the few facilities that can post pictures of animals in rehab, as we have a spec
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The After Effects Of Banning Exotics

     I feel no one has really thought through what will happen if an all out ban on exotics were to pass. I mean, really, seriously think about it.  I know people LOVE to think they are “helping” by signing that petition, or letter to your state legislator. After all, you
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Let’s Talk Palm Oil!!

     Going to the FCF convention surely educated me beyond my wildest dreams. The meeting of Jim Sanderson PhD in fact opened up a whole new world that I was totally unaware of. This knowledge set me on the track of where all of this mass destruction originated. Well, imho America! Yo
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The Andean Cat- The Worlds Rarest Cat

    Going to the FCF (Feline Conservation Federation) convention brought to light a lot of conservation issues. I had the EXTREME pleasure of meeting and speaking to world-renowned field expert and author of  “Small Wildcats” Jim Sanderson PhD. We had an at length conversa
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