We made the news!

On January 11th, I awoke to what I THOUGHT was a typical day here at the jungle. It was far from that I was later to discover, and my patience would be put to the test. With all the bad media hype on exotic animals my nightmare had only just began.. but this soon unfolded into God’s m
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Happy Holidays from Mystic Jungle!

It has been a devastating year here at the jungle. Throughout the year, I lost my job, my father had a stroke in April, then mom in July, Dad died in August and mom just died this month. Leaving behind them a path of grief and devastation. Fury which was raised by myself, my father an
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The Daily Grind

This is my first attempt at the ever popular blogging. I have read many a blog and always marveled at how people could just put their words out there for all to read and had the courage to stand behind them. I too, hope to be able to do that. I have a very good friend that I met throu
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