As many know here at the Jungle, even though we offer help, consultation, and homes to all native and exotic wildlife, our main focus is on the Asian Leopard.  A decade ago, in India, the population of the Asian Leopard was over 8,000. Today there are less than 1,200 left on preserves
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Help Us Help Them!!

We are focusing right now as our number one priority to enlarge Spikes and the boys enclosures. The money that was made at the yard sale, after insurance and food costs will be set to the side to start getting the supplies. Even if we have to get a few posts at a time, a few rolls of
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Mystic Jungle Has A You Tube Account Now!!

Be sure to watch the videos on our You Tube Account to get those ratings up there! The more we let people know what is happening to these big cats the better chance we have at their survival! Just copy and paste the links to view!! More to come of the facility itself and the residents
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The Asian Leopard

The Asian Leopard The Asian Leopard is in dire need of our help. The figures are in for 2012 and it is alarming. The leopard in India is being killed off at the rate of 4 a week/208 a year. Take this into consideration. A leopard reaches sexual maturity at the age of 18 months to 24 m
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Is this what we have come to?

Sher Khan
I have no words. This, no matter how many ways I look at it, disgusts me. I support legal hunting. My father was a hunter, my cousins, my whole family hunts. But there is a big difference between hunting for meat and the skin for clothing, than for hunting to say and show you can kill
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We made the news!

On January 11th, I awoke to what I THOUGHT was a typical day here at the jungle. It was far from that I was later to discover, and my patience would be put to the test. With all the bad media hype on exotic animals my nightmare had only just began.. but this soon unfolded into God’s m
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