Sampson – Indian Leopard

Sampson came here as a re home with Rosie, Cheyanne, and Chewbaca. All from the same facility where the owner had the foresight to have a contingency plan. One of the older of all the cats Sampson was born in 2002 with a vague history of being a circus cat. 

A very loving cat he craves human interaction and will sulk if not paid attention to! He is the father of Sher Khan, Keeper and Fury. He bunks now with Rosie, his spayed life time mate. 

Sampson has passed on his melanistic gene to two of his three cubs. When people refer to a black panther they are often referring to either a Leopard or a Jaguar, the two being the most abundant in that color. If you look close enough you can see the spots on him, Sher khan and Fury!