Cheyanne – Florida Panther

This is Cheyanne’s third home and final home.  She is a Florida panther born in 2002. She has always been a bit on the cranky side but has learned to tolerate us. She could never be released to the wild as the first owners had her de-clawed all the way around. As a result, we must keep her on a soft surface such as sand, and try to manage her weight. 

The Florida Panther was pushed almost to the brink of extinction, and only through captive breeding programs are they making a comeback. Smaller than their Western cousins, they still are a formidable force in nature. The genetic bottleneck has caused a few deformities such as kinked tails and deformed sperm. (The Cheetah has also suffered deformed sperm due to the genetic bottleneck)

Panthers, Cougars, Pumas et al. still maintain their purr! And here in Rural Florida, you can at times hear a woman screaming in the forest! Wait! That’s no woman! That is a panther! They can also whistle! The Florida Panther has a variety of whistles, chirps, purrs, and screams that on a quiet Florida night can carry for miles! 

The main causes of death for a Florida Panther is actually vehicular, accidental trapping, poaching, deforestation and territorial disputes between cats. The gene pool of the Florida Panther has become somewhat diluted as they re introduction program has to bring in the Western Cougar to add to the gene pool to help bring the population numbers up.